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"Turn on. Jack in. Drop dead!"

Dionne Copland and Louise Weard, the twisted minds behind the technological body horror, Computer Hearts, and sexy descent into hell, Inferno, are unleashing their most ambitious nightmare yet!

Synopsis: December 1999. AS Internet-savvy Lucy (Nalani Weston Wakita) begins to grow more concerned about the end of the millennium, she decides to drag her girlfriend, Linda (Katie Hayashida) to a meet-up for her online community, V-Life. Unfortunately for Linda, she soon discovers that this social network is a Y2K suicide cult, who believe that Linda's death holds the key to cyber-immortality. After witnessing a horrific display of violence, Linda must escape from the group's dangerous leader (Lucas Morgan) and his programmer (Tristan Risk) before it's too late! Can she save Lucy in time, or will Linda be forced to enter the HAXX DEADROOM?

With over 90 minutes of bonus content, including two making-of documentaries, two still photo galleries, unused footage, goofers, audition highlights, trailers, and three additional short films -- Chasing Rewind, Computer Hearts: The Final Cut, and for the first time on home video, Dionne Copland's Inferno!

Plus, three audio tracks: Stereo, 5.1 Surround Sound, and Commentary with Dionne Copland and Louise Weard.

All orders come with a bonus Haxx Deadroom pin and postcard insert!

Note: All discs are handmade DVD-Rs, carefully tested and printed to ensure the best possible experience.