CyberCraft Video MixTape Vol. 1 ~ VHS

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The most comprehensive collections of Hentai Cop Films' and CyberCraft Video Productions' releases from 2013-2016. 93 minutes of witches, body horror, fake trailers, technophobic nightmares, and genital trauma.

Opening Trailers (2 mins)
HTKP/HIDE (8 mins)
Don't Look Down (6 mins)
S.I.D.S. (6 mins)
A Thousand Words (6 mins) *AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!*
Inferno (13 mins)
Chasing Rewind (10 mins)
Computer Hearts: The Final Cut (37 mins)
What is Inferno? Making of Featurette (4 mins)
Cyberpunkzz Trailer (2 mins)

Also, includes some extra pins and postcards!

Carefully packaged in a clamshell case and dubbed with care by Dionne and Louise.

Limited to 75 Numbered Copies!