Computer Hearts ~ Limited Edition Blu Ray + DVD

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In 2013 Louise Weard picked up a camera and began work on what she hoped would be the next great Canadian body-horror film. Over the course of two years and with the assistance of her directing partner Dionne Copland and dozens of friends, Louise was able to complete the film which she wrote, directed, produced, and starred in: Computer Hearts.

This groundbreaking, jaw dropping hyperkinetic film is a mix of techno-erotica, Freudian sexual derailment and electro-cyber nightmare. Man and computer begin to merge, and it goes all the way until every human instinct and impulse is transformed and rewired. Stop motion mutations and an oozing disc-drive vagina signal the failure of humanity to reign over its fetishistic relationship with its own technology, and once that happens -- well, it's time to pull out.

"Computer Hearts may not sound like the next amazing horror film but I can assure you that it is. This film deserves every bit of your time. Check it out because you will not be disappointed!" - Horror Society

"It’s dirty as hell." - Beneath the Underground

This Blu Ray features both the "Vanessa2 Cut" and "Hentai Cop Cut" of Computer Hearts, as well as an array of insightful and strange special features, including:

*Director's Commentary with Dionne Copland and Louise Weard
*25-minute Vanessa2 Cut
*42-minute Hentai Cop Cut
*19-minute SoulBruthuh Cut
*black-and-white version
*This Is Not A Computer: The Making of Computer Hearts (feature-length documentary)
*The Art of Vanessa2
*HTKP/Hide (fake trailers by Dionne Copland)
*Computer Hearts Trailers
*Pitch Video
*Last Words w/ Dionne Copland's magnificent lips

PLUS: This release includes our follow-up to Computer Hearts, "S.I.D.S."!

This LIMITED EDITION BLURAY is restricted to 75 numbered copies!