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Trailer Debuts for Joshua Gratton's "Cuties"


Canadian writer-director Joshua Gratton makes his debut with queer slasher film Cuties.

Cuties follows a group of gay teenagers as they are picked off by a mysterious killer during the first month of their senior year. As bodies pile up around him, insecure boy Micah goes through a crisis of self-worth as he can't grasp why the killer has no interest in coming after him.

“To turn Cuties into a gay, or ‘post-gay’ picture, came naturally and almost instantly. It does not contain any coming outs, or sexuality quarrels. It's just an unsaid norm. And on top of that, it’s still a traditional film of the genre that does not sacrifice its slasher label in the process of branching out,” says director Joshua Gratton.

Turner Stewart and Dionne Copland produced “Cuties” and are preparing for the film to hit the festival circuit this Winter.

Newcomers Brian Lui and Catherine Churchill star alongside Tristan Risk.

Check out the trailer below!