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Welcome to CyberCraft Video!

Turner Stewart and Dionne Copland Unveil CyberCraft Video

After bringing you the short films Computer Hearts, SIDS, and Inferno, Turner Stewart and Dionne Copland are proud to present CyberCraft Video Productions. We have decided to re-brand from the “Hentai Cop Films” moniker that Turner Stewart first established in 2012, as we felt the need to come up with a new name which reflects the spirit of both Dionne and Turner’s future projects and a new filmmaking philosophy. CyberCraft Video will highlight the craft and history of cinema as an artistic medium while looking forward to the future of storytelling and the intersection of classic narrative structure and progressive filmmaking principles. Stay tuned for announcements for Dionne Copland’s upcoming projects, including a new short film which will be filming this winter.

THAT'S A WRAP! Production is complete on Joshua' Gratton’s feature-length debut Cuties

Production has officially wrapped on Joshua Gratton's debut feature film Cuties! Produced by Turner Stewart and the first feature film to bear the CyberCraft Video banner. Follow the film through post-production by liking its Facebook Page!