Ales From The Crypt

Letta Me Tell You About My Dolls

Episode 31: Letta Me Tell You About My Dolls

In this week’s episode, Dionne continues her exploration of haunted movie sets and Kate journeys through a collection of haunted dolls! Warning: This episode includes several graphic descriptions of violence.

Three Word Horror Story: "No Iced Capp"

Episode 29: Three Word Horror Story: "No Iced Capp"

After a horrifying yarn about their experience at a Tim Horton’s literally in Hell, Dionne shares a pair of stories from “cursed” movies, and Kate follows her up with the bone-chilling tale of a woman who heard a bump in the night.

Hotel Hell

Episode 28: Hotel Hell

This week, Kate checks in to the Banff Springs Hotel and Dionne returns to her probably haunted elementary school.

The Picture of Boo!-rian Gray

Episode 27: The Picture of Boo!-rian Gray

In this week’s episode Dionne shares a collection of friends’ stories, including a creeping hotel ghost and a playful spirit at a nursing home. Later, Kate shares the story of a haunted painting (of a ghost, obviously) which constantly shifts in appearance!

The Kitchen Sink

Episode 26: The Kitchen Sink

In this week's episode, Dionne and Kate share a collection of shorter stories ranging from psychic experiences to ghostly basement encounters.

I Got My Train Ticket, Y’all Gaggin’

Episode 25: I Got My Train Ticket, Y’all Gaggin’

In this week's episode, Dionne shares a few more stories from the nursing home, including one about an abusive husband returning from beyond the grave. Later, Kate takes a trip down to Vancouver's Waterfront Train Station to explore spooky stories from some of the night security watchmen.

It's Gonna Be Me (Haunting You)

Episode 23: It's Gonna Be Me (Haunting You)

Dionne shares the tales of a haunted Lance Bass doll and a ghost that terrorizes a nurse in a bathroom. Later, Kate shares a new perspective on a haunted house mentioned in an earlier episode.

Tears for Fears

Episode 22: Tears for Fears

This week, Kate starts off with a story about a haunted honky tonk, and Dionne shares a handful of spooky tales from nurses working the night shift.

The Horror at the Hall of Fame

Episode 21: The Horror at the Hall of Fame

Dionne shares the tale of the Loch Leven Legend and Kate delves deep into a sobbing ghost at Toronto's Hockey Hall of Fame (and no, it's not just the sound of Leafs fans).

Bagels Included. Freaky Toaster.

Episode 20: Bagels Included. Freaky Toaster.

In this week's episode it's women and children first. FIRST TO THE GALLOWS THAT IS! Kate tells the story of a haunted prison/hostel in our nation's capital, and later Dionne tells the story of a ghostly greenhouse on the prairies.

Bedtime Gories

Episode 18: Bedtime Gories

In this week's episode, Katelynn shares a story about a haunted hotel and Dionne tells three tales of terror from her friend Kelsey!

My Psy-Called Life

Episode 16: My Psy-Called Life

Dionne shares her week of psychic wonders and Kate discusses a ghost tour at the San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, TX.

Pub of Doom!

Episode 15: Pub of Doom!

This week, Dionne kicks it off with an update to the spooky audio recording from the set of her movie, followed by a haunted house story from her friend Toni. Later, Kate lays down some history before going to an Irish pub (of doom!)

F– The Shining

Episode 14: F– The Shining

In this week's episode Dionne and Kate bring some stories from their hometown of Medicine Hat, including a shadow man and a playful poltergeist.

Down to Clown (Part 2)

Episode 13: Down to Clown (Part 2)

The conclusion to Ayden's stories includes an absolutely bone chilling childhood ghost encounter. Later, Dionne returns to her mom's bank of stories to regale a tale of clowns and robbers.

Down to Clown (Part 1)

Episode 12: Down to Clown (Part 1)

This week Kate and Dionne are joined by their clown-friend Ayden Ross, who brings a horror story from the scariest place on earth: Edmonton. Later, Kate shares one of her mom's spookiest tales.