Ales From The Crypt

I Got My Train Ticket, Y’all Gaggin’

Episode 25: I Got My Train Ticket, Y’all Gaggin’

In this week's episode, Dionne shares a few more stories from the nursing home, including one about an abusive husband returning from beyond the grave. Later, Kate takes a trip down to Vancouver's Waterfront Train Station to explore spooky stories from some of the night security watchmen.

It's Gonna Be Me (Haunting You)

Episode 23: It's Gonna Be Me (Haunting You)

Dionne shares the tales of a haunted Lance Bass doll and a ghost that terrorizes a nurse in a bathroom. Later, Kate shares a new perspective on a haunted house mentioned in an earlier episode.

Tears for Fears

Episode 22: Tears for Fears

This week, Kate starts off with a story about a haunted honky tonk, and Dionne shares a handful of spooky tales from nurses working the night shift.

The Horror at the Hall of Fame

Episode 21: The Horror at the Hall of Fame

Dionne shares the tale of the Loch Leven Legend and Kate delves deep into a sobbing ghost at Toronto's Hockey Hall of Fame (and no, it's not just the sound of Leafs fans).

Bagels Included. Freaky Toaster.

Episode 20: Bagels Included. Freaky Toaster.

In this week's episode it's women and children first. FIRST TO THE GALLOWS THAT IS! Kate tells the story of a haunted prison/hostel in our nation's capital, and later Dionne tells the story of a ghostly greenhouse on the prairies.

Bedtime Gories

Episode 18: Bedtime Gories

In this week's episode, Katelynn shares a story about a haunted hotel and Dionne tells three tales of terror from her friend Kelsey!

My Psy-Called Life

Episode 16: My Psy-Called Life

Dionne shares her week of psychic wonders and Kate discusses a ghost tour at the San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, TX.

Pub of Doom!

Episode 15: Pub of Doom!

This week, Dionne kicks it off with an update to the spooky audio recording from the set of her movie, followed by a haunted house story from her friend Toni. Later, Kate lays down some history before going to an Irish pub (of doom!)

F– The Shining

Episode 14: F– The Shining

In this week's episode Dionne and Kate bring some stories from their hometown of Medicine Hat, including a shadow man and a playful poltergeist.

Down to Clown (Part 2)

Episode 13: Down to Clown (Part 2)

The conclusion to Ayden's stories includes an absolutely bone chilling childhood ghost encounter. Later, Dionne returns to her mom's bank of stories to regale a tale of clowns and robbers.

Down to Clown (Part 1)

Episode 12: Down to Clown (Part 1)

This week Kate and Dionne are joined by their clown-friend Ayden Ross, who brings a horror story from the scariest place on earth: Edmonton. Later, Kate shares one of her mom's spookiest tales.

It Came From Beneath The Apartment!

Episode 11: It Came From Beneath The Apartment!

This week everyone has haunted apartments on the mind. Dionne brings two stories from friends in Alberta and Kate considers what may be causing a (supernatural?) ruckus at her place.

The Ghostests With the Mostest

Episode 10: The Ghostests With the Mostests

In this week's episode Dionne finds more tales in the seemingly bottomless well of horrible happenings experienced by her mom, and Kate returns with some more stories from her friend Curtis' haunted house.

They're After Me Spooky Charms

Episode 9: They're After Me Spooky Charms

This week Kate and Dione are joined by their friend Angeline Mullen to hear some spooky Irish ghost stories, including photos of the dead and ghosts spotted on the Irish backroads. Later, Kate shares a group of stories centred around the Gastown Old Spaghetti Factory in Vancouver.

Now That's What I Call Hauntings Vol. 2

Episode 8: Now That's What I Call Hauntings Vol. 2

In this week's conclusion, Kate and Dionne are subjected to their guest's scariest stories, including Turner's terrifying basement encounter and his experience working at the Riverview Mental Hospital. Part 2 of 2.

Now That's What I Call Hauntings Vol. 1

Episode 7: Now That's What I Call Hauntings Vol. 1

In this week's episode, Kate and Dionne are joined by their editor Turner Stewart as the group discusses "Pam the Poltergeist" and an old-timey hitch-hiking spirit. Part 1 of 2.

Drive Me To Hell

Episode 6: Drive Me To Hell

In this week's bone chilling episode of Ales From the Crypt, Kate shares the story of her friend's "old bastard" poltergeist and Dionne reveals why her mom is the "friend of a friend of mine" from every urban legend ever.