Ales From The Crypt

It Came From Beneath The Apartment!

Episode 11: It Came From Beneath The Apartment!

This week everyone has haunted apartments on the mind. Dionne brings two stories from friends in Alberta and Kate considers what may be causing a (supernatural?) ruckus at her place.

The Ghostests With the Mostest

Episode 10: The Ghostests With the Mostests

In this week's episode Dionne finds more tales in the seemingly bottomless well of horrible happenings experienced by her mom, and Kate returns with some more stories from her friend Curtis' haunted house.

They're After Me Spooky Charms

Episode 9: They're After Me Spooky Charms

This week Kate and Dione are joined by their friend Angeline Mullen to hear some spooky Irish ghost stories, including photos of the dead and ghosts spotted on the Irish backroads. Later, Kate shares a group of stories centred around the Gastown Old Spaghetti Factory in Vancouver.

Now That's What I Call Hauntings Vol. 2

Episode 8: Now That's What I Call Hauntings Vol. 2

In this week's conclusion, Kate and Dionne are subjected to their guest's scariest stories, including Turner's terrifying basement encounter and his experience working at the Riverview Mental Hospital. Part 2 of 2.

Now That's What I Call Hauntings Vol. 1

Episode 7: Now That's What I Call Hauntings Vol. 1

In this week's episode, Kate and Dionne are joined by their editor Turner Stewart as the group discusses "Pam the Poltergeist" and an old-timey hitch-hiking spirit. Part 1 of 2.

Drive Me To Hell

Episode 6: Drive Me To Hell

In this week's bone chilling episode of Ales From the Crypt, Kate shares the story of her friend's "old bastard" poltergeist and Dionne reveals why her mom is the "friend of a friend of mine" from every urban legend ever.

The Cabin in the Haunted-As-F— Woods

The Cabin in the Haunted-As-F— Woods

This week, Kate finishes off her tales of terror from the depths of her grandma's basement and then regales some tales of terror from Saskatoon. Later, Dionne shares stories from the making of her "cursed" movie during its production in the Cypress Hills of Saskatchewan.