Ales From The Crypt

Amherst? More Like Aren'therst!

Episode 52: Amherst? More Like Aren'therst!

We're back from our summer hiatus with a double dose of creepy Canadiana! Katelynn cover's Nova Scotia's violently terrifying Amherst Poltergeist and Dionne embraces her inner Sagittarius disposition towards proving whether or not aliens exist!

10 Points to Griffintown!

Episode 51: 10 Points to Griffintown!

This week Dionne talks about the Kelsay House and its spirit Samuel, and Katelynn explores the harrowing and haunted history of Griffintown.

A Haunting in Connecticut 3: Ghosts of Georgia 2: Spirits of Kansas

Episode 50: A Haunting in Connecticut 3: Ghosts of Georgia 2: Spirits of Kansas

Ales from the Crypt is celebrating its fiftieth episode with what might be our scariest stories yet! Dionne and Kate take a deep dive into two coincidentally similar hauntings that involve angry ghosts with a penchant for scratching, Sallie’s House and the Wyrick House. Warning: There is an accidental “jump scare” during Dionne’s story!

Wheatfield of Dreams

Episode 49: Wheatfield of Dreams

Dionne discusses the many spirits which haunt the Myrtles Plantation and Katelynn tells the tale of the San Pedro Poltergeist!

RMS Cryptid

Episode 48: RMS Cryptid

Katelynn kicks things off with the sordid history of the RMS Queen Mary and its cavalcade of ghosts, followed by Dionne’s in depth expose on her biggest celebrity crush, Mothman.

Mumford and (Illegitimate) Sons

Episode 47: Mumford and (Illegitimate) Sons

Dionne shares the chilling story of the unsolved murders at Hinterkaifeck, and Kate goes to The Rock with a collection of creepy tales.

A Handful of Horrors

Episode 46: A Handful of Horrors

Kate shares three stories about ghosts coming back to say goodbye to their loved ones and Dionne talks about CHAIRS OF DEATH!

Cause of Death: (Alcohol) Consumption

Episode 45: Cause of Death: (Alcohol Consumption)

Finally back after a sickness-induced hiatus, Dionne recalls the haunting story of Cheesman Park in Colorado (which inspired The Changeling!) and Katelynn shares the chilling story of the Waverly Hills Sanitarium.

Huey Lewis and the Ghouls

Episode 44: Huey Lewis and the Ghouls

In this week’s episode, Katelynn tackles the subject of haunted wineries and Dionne shares the story of a voice from beyond the grave that helps to catch their killer.


Episode 43: DeBunked

Kate and Dionne are joined by their friend Colin to share a collection of spooky stories, including a haunted bunkbed and a Procession of the Dead in Spain.

They Didn't Move the Bodies!

Episode 42: They Didn’t Move the Bodies!

In this week's episode Kate shares the details of her friend Jodee's haunted house and Dionne tells the story of the Black Hope Curse!

Celestine Versus Celestine

Episode 41: Celestine Versus Celestine

In this week’s episode, Dionne and Kate bring back their guest Turner to tell a few more stories about the Riverview Mental Hospital, followed by a selection of stories from a haunted Italian castle courtesy of Kate’s friend Marta!

Making the Band: Liquid Screams

Episode 39: Making the Band: Liquid Screams

In this week’s episode, Dionne shares the story of a violent poltergeist and Kate tells the tale of a spirit that helped to solve its own murder.

Who Shot the Couch?

Episode 38: Who Shot the Couch?

This week, Kate discusses the hauntings associated with the Biltmore Hotel and Dionne begins exploring a theme of “Violent Hauntings” by diving into the unnamed horror of Berkeley Square.

The Ghost of the Cookie Baron

Episode 36: The Ghost of the Cookie Baron

This week, Kate tells a series of tales surrounding haunted college campuses and Dionne breaks her own rule as she discusses her recent experience with a Ouija board.

The Drinker

Episode 35: The Drinker

In this week’s episode, Dionne shares an anthology of creepy tales and Kate recounts the horrifying story of “The Watcher.”

And The Oscar Goes To...

Episode 34: And The Oscar Goes To…

In this week’s episode, Kate mixes things up with a surprise movie recommendation off the top, followed by a collection of theatrical horror stories. Later, Dionne shares a collection of terrifying tales sent in by her friend Robin!

Chalk It Up To A Haunting

Episode 33: Chalk It Up To A Haunting

Happy Halloween! This week Dionne concludes her haunted foray into Disney Parks with a trip to DisneyWorld and Kate reconnects with her friend Erica to bring you a couple of truly terrifying ghost encounters!