Founded in 2016 by Dionne Copland and Louise Weard, CyberCraft Video is a rising independent production company with a prolific and distinctive body of work. In 2013, Dionne joined forces with Louise for the featurette Computer Hearts, which we self-distributed internationally on home video in 2015. Our award-winning short films Inferno and Haxx Deadroom followed in 2016, with the CyberCraft team going into production on our feature film Cold Wind Blowing in December 2017. In 2020 Cold Wind Blowing hit the festival circuit to wide acclaim and the CyberCraft team is currently developing their sophomore feature.


Collectively, our films have screened at festivals around the globe, includingSalem Horror Fest, Monster Fest, Blood in the Snow, Genreblast, Brno16, Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, South Texas Underground Film Festival, Rio Grind, PDXtreme Fest, Cinemafantastique, Little Nightmares, Bangorefest, Vancouver Badass Film Festival, Heavy Hitting Horror Fest, Sick Chick Flicks, Ax Wound Horror Film Festival, and the Women in Horror Film Festival. Most recently, Charlie’s feature-length debut Cold Wind Blowing hit the festival circuit, earning them the Best Director Award at Genreblast and delivering chills to the Salem Horror Fest.


You can find Dionne "Charlie" Copland on Twitter at @amityville1992 and Louise Weard at @weardjupiter