CyberCraft Video Productions was established in 2016 by Dionne Copland and Turner Stewart. Their first film, Computer Hearts, was released internationally on home video in 2015, and was shortly followed by the films S.I.D.S., Don't Look Down, and Inferno, which have each screened at film festivals all over the world. Our team has worked with Directors such as Tess Paul (Softcore), Joshua Gratton (Cuties), Danny Kai Mak (Chances, The Kubler-Ross Condition), Ryan Nicholson (Gutterballs 2: Bootleg Edition), and Tom Huckabee (Taking Tiger Mountain), serving in several different roles including Producers, Cinematographers, Camera Operators, Film Festival Organizers, and Distribution Consultants. The CyberCraft Team is currently supporting Joshua Gratton's feature debut Cuties and their film //HAXX DEADROOM// through their film festival tours and beginning post-production on Dionne Copland and Turner Stewart's feature-length debut Cold Wind Blowing.

Turner Stewart (left), Dionne Copland (centre), Tess Paul (right)

Dionne Copland is the Canadian filmmaker responsible for Writing and Directing the short films InfernoDon't Look Down, and A Thousand Words. Her first short film, Don't Look Down, screened at several film festivals across North America, including the first annual Ax Wound Film Festival. She co-directed the micro-budget featurette Computer Hearts with her partner Turner Stewart, which was distributed internationally on home video in 2015. She was the Co-Founder and Marketing Director for the CinemaFantastique Film Festival from 2015-2016 in Vancouver, BC, and during the festival's second year she emphasized a stronger representation of women in genre film, including a night devoted to Female Horror Filmmakers as part of National Canadian Film Day 2016 celebrations in Vancouver. Her most recent short film, Inferno, has screened at festivals throughout Canada, the United States, Australia, and the Czech Republic, including Monster Fest and Blood in the Snow. In May 2017 Dionne graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a Major in Film Production and Minor in Film Studies. Dionne also recently completed her latest short film, //HAXX DEADROOM//, and she is currently in post-production on her first feature-length film, Cold Wind Blowing. Although she lives and breathes film in both her professional and spare time, Dionne does find opportunities to relax at home with her partner Turner Stewart and their bearded dragon Grem.

Turner Stewart on the set of Cuties

Turner Stewart is the Producer and Director behind the award-winning films Computer Hearts and S.I.D.S., the latter of which has screened at film festivals across the globe and netted Turner awards for his “Fearless Performance” and for “Rookie Filmmaker of the Year.” Working closely with his partner Dionne Copland, he has served as the Producer and Director of Photography on several of her projects, including her 2016 short Inferno. As a Producer, he has worked with several emerging filmmakers on award-winning short films in Vancouver, and has acted as the Director of Photography on several independent features, including Ryan Nicholson’s latest films. His featurette Computer Hearts found critical success within the underground horror scene, and was self-distributed world-wide on home video through CyberCraft Video and several independent Video-on-Demand platforms. He is a former board member of Vancouver’s Shivers Film Society and the former President of the UBC Film Society, and in both positions he worked towards the theatrical exhibition and promotion of independent Canadian genre cinema in Vancouver, Canada, collaborating with institutions such as Telefilm Canada and the Vancouver International Film Festival to bring contemporary Canadian cinema to the University of British Columbia campus. As Producer, he is currently overseeing the film festival strategy for Joshua Gratton's feature-length directorial debut Cuties, and is editing the CyberCraft Video team's first feature-length film, Cold Wind Blowing. He also graduated with a BFA Double Major in Film Studies and Film Production from the University of British Columbia in May 2017, and received scholarships for his hard work and dedication to the Film Studies program and for promoting a love for cinema on campus.